Monday, 4 March 2013


Yawnnnn. For a movie that nearly won best picture this one is clearly not deserving. I have no idea why everyone finds it so good. When a historical movie titled Lincoln comes along, I’d expect a brief lifetime introduction, highlights, civil war. Instead, what Steven Spielberg’s movie focuses on is his last few months in office. It has two focusses, one is the politics and lobbying behind the 13th amendment to the US Constitution which abolishes slavery amid the Civil War with the South, and the second is his family life.

We see Lincoln raising his young son, consoling a sorrowful wife, played by a distraught Sally field, who finds it hard to cope with the death of another son a few years ago, and Robert, the eldest son who wants to join the military at the behest of his parents.

Lincoln believed in his heart of hearts that no man should be made a slave to another, which is why he pushed so hard for the bill to pass. According to the movie, the bill is “the most liberating constitutional amendment in history had been passed by corruption, aided and abetted by the purest man in America”.

Lincoln reeks of heavy and underhanded politicking and bribing, something you might expect in today’s crafty world. There are no exciting scenes other than this politicking. No battles. Even the moment of his assassination has been omitted. This is not what I had planned to see. Mmm, I wonder if Lincoln is better in his other role, as the slayer of vampires. 2/10.

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