Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Mighty Cockroach

In my closet a cockroach baby lived

My vacuum licked it away come spring cleaning day

Along with spiders, their webs and dust all gray

It‘d die in the dust chamber, I hope God forgives

Three weeks later dust bunnies were gathering

My vacuum got hot for yet another purpose

But a warm acrid smell made me horribly nauseous

To my surprise the roach was alive and kicking

No longer a nymph, it’s now a full grown monster

Sealed with the vacuum litter with no food or water

The insect thrived on nothing but dirt and moisture

It will outlive us all if the world went nuclear

Behold the mighty cockroach, so what fate awaited this beast?

I emptied it out onto the grass, and stamped it with my feet!

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